About Us


CLOUDRISK is an independent provider of valuation and risk services for financial instruments. We support wide range of products – from plain vanilla options and futures to the most sophisticated, hybrid and bespoke OTC derivative instruments. Utilising the most advanced and sophisticated models, we bring a variety of capabilities and depth of knowledge to our clients helping them exercise greater control over their portfolio holdings, while improving their risk management and profitability.

CLOUDRISK helps its clients in two main areas:

  • Independent Valuation and Risk service. This is a fully managed service with a comprehensive coverage of a large set of FX, equity, credit, fixed-income and commodities instruments, including the most complex exotic/hybrid derivatives.see more
  • Model validation and development. Our experienced quantitative analysis and quantitative development teams helps our clients to validate or implement derivatives pricing and risk models. see more

Meet Our Team

We have successfully completed numerous projects related to derivative pricing, portfolio optimisation, credit risk assessment, model validation, quantitative modelling and development. Our team includes experienced capital markets professionals with decades of experience at tier one organisations such as JP Morgan, Citibank and Dresdner Bank and academic professionals from leading institutions such as Oxford University, University of London, Max Planck Institute, University of Southern California, St. Andrew’s and CERN. The permanent academic affiliations of our people keep our company close to the research centres of these institutions, sparking collaborations that we value as a great source of innovative ideas and forefront technologies.

At CLOUDRISK, we consider our most valuable asset is our people whose expertise, integrity and exceptional work ethic brought the company to where it is today. We continuously strive to acquire and keep some of the brightest minds in the field in our pursuit of professional excellence.

Services & Expertise


At CLOUDRISK, we believe exceptional performance lies in choosing the right approach to deal with market uncertainties and consistency in following the best practices. Our services offer a superior solution, providing the analytics technology and risk management tools needed to help our clients successfully navigate the myriad of complexities involved in managing derivative portfolios.

We have invested heavily and continue to invest in our in-house developed valuation and risk platform. It is at the heart of our service and from the very beginning it was designed with scalability and reliability at its core and utilises in-house and commercial cloud infrastructure, ensuring any capacity requirements can be met effortlessly and efficiently. What is more, our service is managed, which means we do everything necessary on behalf of our clients, from market data procurement to payoff modelling and every other operational aspect involved. There is no need for our clients to devote and train people internally or to acquire any additional knowledge, skills or complicated systems which will significantly reduce their operational risk and all related expenses. Using our service on subscription or on-demand (ad-hoc) basis enables clients to take advantage of all the benefits and capabilities our platform brings combined with the expertise of the team behind it. This brings great amount transparency and clarity to our clients, so they can be confident in the results they are getting, thus make better and more informed decisions.

Our Values


We do things the right way – without compromise, without exceptions, without excuses. We keep our word and deliver on our promises. We take decisive actions and hold full accountability. We practice sound judgment, led not only by laws and regulations but by the highest moral norms of our society. For us, trust and reputation are paramount thus we aim for transparency in all operational practices and modelling techniques.


We strive to be exceptional in what we do – to provide clients with bespoke, flexible and efficient service and innovative risk solutions. We want to enable our clients to reach their goals and stay on top of their business by bringing cutting edge technology and expertise to their fingertips. We don’t believe in standardization, but in customization thus we tailor our services to the specific needs of each client recognizing their unique position, culture and priorities.

Dedicated to Winning

We are not here to take part, we are here to win. We keep our focus on constantly improving and growing, on out-smarting and out-performing our competitors. We face challenges and tackle complex problems that others walk away from. We believe our greatest asset is our people so we only hire and keep the best and the brightest minds in the field.

Never Settle

We never settle for “good enough”. We keep moving forward, searching for new and better ideas, innovative and ground-breaking solutions. We identify and use every opportunity to make things work better, faster, more precise and more efficient.

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