About Cloudrisk

CLOUDRISK is an independent market-leading provider of proprietary developed, risk analytics technology that aims to help clients in pricing, valuation and modelling of all kinds of derivatives, raging from plain vanilla to the most sophisticated, hybrid structures and bespoke OTC instruments. Utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated model libraries, we strive to bring a range of capabilities and depth of knowledge to our clients helping them exercise greater control over their portfolio holdings, while improving their risk management and profitability.

CLOUDRISK helps its clients in two main areas:

  • Independent Valuation and Risk service for derivative portfolios. This is a fully managed service with a comprehensive coverage of a large set of FX, equity, credit, fixed-income and commodities derivative instruments, including the most complex exotic/hybrid structures. It includes valuation/pre trade pricing, sensitivities, stress testing, VaR and back-testing. The service is  powered by our fully in-house developed, highly scalable, cloud-based risk engine featuring some of the most sophisticated quantitative models. Our customers include large buy-side firms and fund managers. Individual firms have chosen to use the service for regulatory risk reporting, and the service has been accepted by the corresponding regulators.
  • Model validation and development. Our experienced quantitative analysis and quantitative development teams helps our clients to validate or implement derivatives pricing and risk models. One of CLOUDRISK’s unique advantages in the model validation area is the immediate availability of the in-house risk engine for benchmarking or replication purposes. This allows us to carry out validation exercises with a considerable increase in both efficiency and accuracy. Our clients include some of the top tier banks, hedge funds and asset managers as well as national and supranational authorities in banking supervision.

With the rapid growth of our client portfolio and assets under daily valuation, CLOUDRISK  is now a name known for its commitment to client success as well as for the unparalleled accuracy and precision in everything we do.

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